The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline is Now LIVE

When we were approached by the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking (CCTEHT) to collaborate on a campaign for a national trafficking hotline we were grateful and inspired by the opportunity.

The rampant human trafficking problem not only in Canada, but across the entire world, was one that we admittedly knew little about. Not for lack of caring – but for lack of awareness. It was this naivety that reinforced the fact their message was one that simply needed to be heard.

What followed was months of planning on the part of the CCTEHT, resulting in yesterday morning’s launch of the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline, a service aimed at assisting victims of human trafficking in Canada.

The hotline uses a victim-centered approach to combat human trafficking by connecting victims with local emergency, transition, and/or long-term supports and services across the country. The hotline will also act as a tip centre where anybody suspicious of a potential human trafficking situation can call to report their concerns.

At Blade, we’re working alongside the CCTEHT to help raise national awareness about this epidemic by creating a digital ad campaign, a direct mail piece, and PSA radio and TV spots. Watch the TV spot below:

“In our pursuit to bring awareness of these heinous crimes affecting communities across Canada, we call upon the public and industry leaders to educate themselves and help spread the word,” said Kathryn Hess, Blade’s Brand Strategist. “Together we can help make Canada safer for our friends, family and neighbours.”

The national hotline is now available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Barbara Gosse, the CEO of the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking, says that in addition to connecting victims with resources and law enforcement, she hopes the hotline will help close a critical knowledge gap by collecting important data from each individual case to help with future instances.

“There are still an awful lot of individuals in this country who believe that human trafficking is happening elsewhere. In actual fact … human trafficking is happening in communities right across this country. And that is a threat to every vulnerable girl, woman, man or boy.”
– Barbara Gosse, CEO of the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking


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