The Honest Co. Holiday E-Commerce and Brand Building Success

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for retailers; it has been for decades and it will continue to be for decades to come. But what has changed is the way people are shopping and spending their holiday gift giving money.

The advent of e-commerce allowed shoppers to make purchases from retailers they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, or just didn’t want to deal with Christmas shopping crowds. And like any other technological advance, the brands who handle it best have put themselves in a better position to succeed and grow their brand.

One of the brands that is excelling as brand community builders in 2014 is The Honest Company. Owned jointly by Hollywood star Jessica Alba and former nonprofit CEO Christopher Gavigan, The Honest Co. sells naturally sourced soaps, shampoo, diapers, home cleaning products, vitamins, bug spray, and more. And it’s not so much what they sell, but how they sell it that is working so well.

Their core principles (Create a Culture of Honesty, Make Beauty, Outperform, Service Matters, Sustain Life, Be Accessible, Give Back More, and Fun!) are identifiable for consumers. They are noble and trendy and most importantly, they back them up in transparent ways.

The Honest Co.’s website includes all kinds of details about their charity partnerships, donations and investments. They clearly show their brand community the good they have promised to do, rather than just showing the promise and moving on with business. Add that to well reviewed products and competitive pricing, and it’s easy to see how the brand is succeeding.

The Honest Co.

That brings us to 2014’s holiday e-commerce season and the decisions The Honest Co. has made to ensure the satisfaction of their customers, create brand advocates and give back to the community at large. Blade Account Supervisor, Christie Clarkson was wowed when she placed a recent order through the brand’s website. First, she was offered a free sample bottle of product she was already considering for purchase (perhaps a coincidence, but a fantastic offer either way). When she received her order, Christie discovered a bag of cookie ingredients, pre-mixed, needing only an egg and a working oven to make a fresh batch.

The Honest Co. Blog

The product offer itself could be enough to turn someone from a general consumer to a brand advocate – getting a gift for yourself at a time of year when you spend the most money on others is a special treat. But the addition of the cookie recipe, and the accompanying story on The Honest Co.’s blog, could very well seal the deal. (Read here)

By combining charity, free cookies and sticking to its core values, The Honest Co. looks like a hero at a time when people are actively seeking out brands with a social conscience and a heart.

It’s unclear whether The Honest Co.’s sales numbers will be made public in the new year, but we’ll be able to see through the future growth of the brand online, and at their brick and mortar retail partners, whether or not this strategy of giving back will lead to lasting results.

If we had to guess, we’d say it will, big time!



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