The Necessity Of Being A Media Powerhouse Online

In our two-part series about how to get started and excel in content marketing (read Part 1 and Part 2) we laid the foundation for how you can create content that people want to consume and get your message across in the most effective and measurable way possible.

The truth is, you don’t need just good content: you need a lot of good content.

You Need Multimedia Content For Your Customers

being a media powerhouse online - content marketingGood advertising and branding makes people aware of you, great advertising and branding makes people remember you, and the same can be said of content. When you get your message out there and articulate it in a remarkable way, what you’re really trying to do is teach someone something and have them recall it sometime later. Here’s the problem that content solves: people learn in different ways.

The time the average human spends consuming media continues to increase each year. It’s generally agreed the average person consumes between 8-15 hours of media each day. With so much media being consumed, the types of media preferred are different for everyone. The only way for you to tackle this problem is to take the message you’re trying to communicate and distribute it in as diverse a spectrum of media types as possible. This is making your content in a way people want to see it.

This is the only way to evolve with changing viewing trends and get people to take notice.

The Importance of Brand Positioning

The concept of “positioning” was revolutionary for marketing when it was introduced in the 1980s. The general idea is: the average person can only remember a few brands for any need or purpose at any given time. How you become associated with a concept is called positioning, and it’s integral for finding a niche where there is little competition.

For example, the watch market is highly competitive. You don’t want to compete for “best watch,” but maybe you want to go for “best watch for men,” and then narrow it to “the number one digital watch for athletic men.” That’s a market you can position yourself to have an authority in. It’s like word association, but for problems and desires. This is how you get what’s called ”top-of-mind” awareness. When you think computers for artists, you probably think of Apple.

Positioning is how brands anchor themselves in people’s minds as a point of reference in a noisy landscape.

You own a market by owning an idea.

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This Is How To Own An Idea

So you want to get that precious top-of-mind awareness; when someone thinks of your specific service, they think of you. Or more importantly, when you ask people about your specific service, they either refer you to point to you. The best way to own an idea is to encircle it.

You need to have as much quality content out there as possible so when someone looks for information, you’re there with your message expressed in a multitude of ways. Furthermore, it will be presented in the most easily digestible format for them at that given time and place.

You will have videos explaining your expertise, you’ll have articles exploring specific problems or solutions they will want, you will have recordings of any interviews you’ve given, you’ll have infographics ready to help them easily understand complicated topics and you will have these put out into social media so they’re quick and easy to find.

You will have a multimedia foundation of content to elevate you up above your competition and let people know that you are an authority on the topic.

This is absolutely necessary because if you’re not doing it, someone else is and they’re making themselves more authoritative and approachable to the audience you need. They’re positioning themselves as the default choice for the very thing you want to be.

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