Weekly Re-Brand #22: Facebook

Welcome to the Blade Weekly Re-Brand, a place for us to take a quick look at some of the rebranding going on in the world and give a quick impression of what went right and what went wrong.

It’s a busy time of year at Blade, our regular contributor to the redesign blog is working diligently away on his own designs. As our social media manager steps in, today’s blog will be a bit different. We will be taking a look at a brand that is no stranger to redesigns; Facebook, who recently announced they will be changing their logo.

The old Facebook logo (left) vs. the new Facebook logo (right).

This small change increases the size of the type and drops a horizontal blue bar. Without a press campaign to announce the new look, would users have even noticed? There has been talk for a while about Facebook losing ground as the largest platform in social media. Other brands have faster growth (Pinterest, Google+),  and some have been better able to attract youth (Instagram). It has to be questioned if this logo change was only done to get some press for the brand that wasn’t about their declining community, or their lost rank to competition?

What do you think of the new logo? Could it be that such a small change has nothing to do with design, but is only a way to get some (positive) attention for the brand.

Do you think the new Facebook logo is the brand's cry for attention?

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Melissa Turner

Melissa graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Melissa was introduced to social media through her experience with online analytics. Her experience as an analytics specialist allows her to bring important data driven analysis to social projects. Her areas of interest include social media's application to the social services, the use and abuse of statistics, as well as mathematical applications to artistic pieces.

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