Weekly Re-Brand #25: Perrier

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Perrier is celebrating its 150th anniversary, and doing it in style by paying homage to the work of Andy Warhol with new limited edition packaging.

The new "Perrier by Andy Warhol" packaging.
The new “Perrier by Andy Warhol” packaging.

What was wrong with the old Perrier?
As brands go, Perrier has been fairly resilient (it’s their 150th anniversary, after all), but increased competition in the bottled water market has likely caused Perrier to become more aggressive in marketing itself, and as such, we’ve slowly seen the introduction of new flavours, plastic bottles, and even cans.

Andy Warhol's Perrier bottles.
Andy Warhol’s Perrier bottles.

Does the new version fix the problem?
You can do worse than by associating yourself with Andy Warhol. Perrier was one of the many iconic brands that Warhol explored in his work, and it’s definitely a smart move to draw from that well. The iconic look of a Perrier bottle remains relatively intact, and the Warhol-inspired graphics add a splash of colour that should give it some real shelf presence. It’s a big win in that respect.

Plastic Perrier bottles sporting the new look.
Plastic Perrier bottles sporting the new look.

What new problems are introduced?
Those cans and plastic bottles are part of the promotion. Perrier is supposed to be a luxury brand. It costs more than regular old bottled water, it’s got it’s own fancy glass bottle design that’s as iconic as the Coke bottle. And yet, in what appears to be an effort to hit every market segment possible, Perrier sullies their brand with cheap plastic bottles and cans. That’s not luxury. No one likes drinking out of plastic.

A Perrier can sporting the new look.
A Perrier can sporting the new look.

Is it an overall improvement?
I’d say yes. Despite the continued use of cans and plastic bottles, the association with Andy Warhol elevates Perrier back up to a luxury brand. It’s a status symbol that can only be achieved by a long brand history, and Perrier has put it to good use here.

Do you like the new limited edition Perrier by Andy Warhol?

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