Weekly Re-Brand #5: Ebay

Welcome to the Blade Weekly Re-Brand, a place for us to take a quick look at some of the rebranding going on in the world and give a quick impression of what went right and what went wrong.

This week, we turn our eye to Ebay‘s recent rebranding effort, which is getting a lot more play with the holiday season in full swing.

The old Ebay logo (left) vs. the new Ebay logo (right).
The old Ebay logo (left) vs. the new Ebay logo (right).

What was wrong with the old Ebay?
The old Ebay was a product of the 90’s – bright, in-your-face, and NEW. Over the last two decades, the internet has significantly matured, while Ebay has stayed relatively the same, at least in terms of aesthetics. Ebay had become tired as a brand, and the fact that their website looked like a digital version of the Pennysaver wasn’t helping matters.

Does the new version fix the problem?
The new Ebay logo retains much of the colour (and thus playfulness) of the old logo, but in a much more refined package. Gone are the stretched, contorted, and overlapped letters, although the kerning remains very tight. The change runs deeper than the logo, as well. The new Ebay website has the look of a premium shopping experience, as opposed to the old flea market look. This helps put Ebay on par with sites like Amazon and Best Buy in terms of the sophistication of the online shopping experience.

The old Ebay website (left) vs. the new Ebay website (right).
The old Ebay website (left) vs. the new Ebay website (right).

What new problems have been introduced?
Both visually and usability-wise, the Ebay rebrand is much more sophisticated. However, the move away from the “digital flea market” may turn off those who are looking for quick, cheap deals. The increase gained in the perceived trustworthiness of the updated brand may make that last point moot. It remains to be seen whether the site continues to thrive long term.

Is it an overall improvement?
Definitely. The new Ebay looks more confident, trustworthy, and sophisticated. Three traits that are sure to attract online shoppers. The more user-friendly site doesn’t hurt either.

Do you think the new Ebay is an improvement?

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