Why Cyberslacking Increases Productivity At Work…

I recently read an article in the March issue of “Toronto Life” that really sparked an interest…and I have to say, a bit of relief. It was titled “Not safe for work: Why cyberslacking makes you the company’s most valuable employee” written by Jesse Brown.

The basic premise is that close to 100 percent of employers monitor the online activities of their employees through the use of spyware, to see exactly how much time is being wasted during business hours.  While some companies view this “waste of time” as exactly that, eventually blocking access to any social media sites they can think of or disseminating punishment, probation etc., there are a few liberated corporations that understand the use of social media during business hours can be advantages, in moderation of course.

The article states that a study conducted in 2009 at the University of Melbourne in Australia, found that employees who wasted not more than twenty percent of their time surfing the web, increased overall productivity by nine percent, as a short break here and there to check-in with friends can help reset their focus and inspire ideas and creativity. This is where my sigh of relief comes in. As an employee, I can vouch for the fact that having access to these sites here at Blade Branding helps to create a feeling of work-life balance, which is an integral part of my overall happiness as a person. It also keeps me updated on current affairs, apprised of media related information and tools as well as expands my social skills, all important facets of working in the media industry. Oh, and having a good sense of humour helps too.

Although there will always be specific industries that block access to social media accounts such as government positions, I want to believe that more and more companies will keep an open-mind and begin to understand how this “cyberslacking” can have a positive effect on its employees and the company as a whole. And for those who refuse to believe this is true, with the limitless tools available to access the outside world beyond our cubicle desktops, such as smartphones, tablets etc., we will find a way to stay connected. After all, social media is not just a fad, it’s a revolution.

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Christie Clarkson

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