Why Do Rickards “Rules of the Round” Ads Work?

Something out of the ordinary happened today when I was clicking through YouTube watching music videos and funny clips of kittens and things of that nature, I sat and watched the entire 1 minute pre-roll advertisement.

I’ll give you all a second to pick your jaws up off of the floor, I know that it’s a shocking statement.

Rickards Beer released a set of 3 “Rules of the Round” videos this week that are just starting to get some play with an average of about 15,000 views each. Those numbers aren’t record breaking, but they also aren’t bad for the first 2 days of the campaign.

So often we as YouTube users sit and wait as the ad countdown ticks 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Skip Ad. But once in a while a video captures our attention and we watch, then maybe we click a link and explore the brand’s entire campaign. And even though I would not call myself a member of the Rickards Beer brand community, that’s what Rickards made me do today.

Rickards Rules of the Round Header

The question that I really wanted to stop and ask myself after I watched the 1st video play as my pre-video ad was, “What made me stop and watch the whole thing?”.

I’ve come up with a list of possible reasons that I like the Rickards Rules of the Round videos enough to watch them all the way though:

– The narrators accent.
It’s brilliant and reminded me instantly of Hollywood veteran¬†Malcolm McDowell. The British touch always seems to lend an air of credibility to anything, and we all know that the Brits are famous for their time in the pub.

– The animation.
We’re not watching high-end, sophisticated, Pixar CGI here, and I like that. It’s fun and refreshing to see something that isn’t so perfect you don’t know if it’s real or fake. With that said, this animation is probably such a great fit with these videos because of the tone. There is nothing serious going on here and the toys moving around on the bar help to create that fun feeling.

– I’m the target market.
As an early-30’s male I fit perfectly into the Rickards Beer demographic. It helps that I enjoy beer and that I’ve ordered a round or 2 of Rickards in the past. I wouldn’t classify myself as a member of their brand community, but I could be.

In the end I think it’s probably a mix of all of these factors that made me watch the entire advertisement and go looking for the rest of the videos in the Rules of the Round series.

With that said, if you don’t like beer or dislike the taste of Rickards, you probably wouldn’t even think about watching these ads if you had the choice. So, being part of the target demographic and someone who could be recruited into the Rickards Beer brand community seems to fit as the #1 factor in my enjoyment of the ads.

Question answered!

Rickards Rules of the Round Fancy PantsRickards Rules of the Round Proximity



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