Why You Should Be Repurposing Traditional Ad Content for Social Media Marketing

We’re moving into a space where digital content marketing is becoming more and more prevalent and popular. Brands are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc. and the content that gets posted has to come from somewhere.

Where you ask?

There are options.

Option 1. Have someone working in a role to create digital content for your social media channels.

Option 2. Repurpose material being designed for traditional channels (print, web, billboards, etc.) and posting on your social media sites.

Option 3. Combine original digital content with repurposed content.

Personally, I’m looking to choose Option 3 every single time I have the chance.

Here’s why:

Half (or so) of your content has already been designed and created for you.
Yes, there is resizing and some minor editing that often needs to take place before posting. However, that often doesn’t take high-end design experience and can be done rather quickly.

It’s cost efficient.
If you have a graphic designer working on amazing visual content for one platform and then you have a 2nd designer working on amazing visual content for another platform, you are paying 2 designers. Why not try to save some time and money that can be used on other projects?

Repurposing content keeps the message and look consistent.
Yes, when designing content for social media it’s best if the look and feel mirror that of the imagery and branding work that you are doing on traditional platforms. And there is no better guarantee of continuity than using the same content to spread your brand’s message.

While digital content marketing is certainly different than traditional channels, they can and must co-exist. Yes, you want to be able to react quickly and post great topical and timely posts on your social media channels (Oreo at the Super Bowl, Burger King and Jeep swapping tweets after their hacks) but you also want to plan out some of your content so that you’re not always scrambling for content to post on Tuesday afternoon. The truth is, most days there just isn’t anything that interesting going on that every brand can capitalize on.

Blade has been repurposing content from print to digital for our clients throughout the last year. In this post you can see imagery for Paradigm Condominiums, first created and branded for a full page newspaper ad and then used again with limited editing for a Facebook post. It was no-brainer to take the great work already done for print and move into the social media space and we will continue to do so.

Final Thought: Great design is great design. Missing the opportunity to share branded imagery with a wider audience on social media simply because it wasn’t designed specifically for social is a waste of resources. There are exceptions to every rule, but at this point the exception should be the times that you aren’t repurposing your content and not the times that you are.

Paradigm Condominiums full page ad seen in the Hamilton Spectator. Monday, October 21, 2013.
Paradigm Condominiums full page ad seen in the Hamilton Spectator. Monday, October 21, 2013.
Paradigm Pool Facebook Repurpose
Paradigm Condominiums Facebook post. October 31, 2013.

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