Why Your Brand Should Be Blogging

Even though we are now halfway through the year 2013 there are still brands who are hesitant to blog. Some brands have a blog that they aren’t updating regularly and some brands don’t have a blog at all. And some brands are blogging and doing a great job of it.

And they should.

Having a consistently updated blog allows your fans, friends, customers, investors and other interested parties the opportunity to check in on you and see what you are doing and what you are thinking. It gives you a chance to show your target audience that you are a leader in your industry and that you have the know-how that they can trust and follow.

Buyer Zone Best of the Blogs 2013 StampRecently we were excited to be included in Buyer Zone’s 10 Best Branding Blogs to read in 2013. It was a great feather in the cap for everyone who has written a post for the Blade Blog and it shows us that all of the hard work is paying off. It also proved that having multiple blog posts each and every week that cover the things that our audience is interested in continues to be a winning formula.

If you’re saying to yourself, “Sure a blog sounds like a great idea. But what are we going to write about?” there are some basic concepts that can fit for most brands.

1) Upcoming Events:

If you will be at a trade show or are headed to a conference, you can blog beforehand about what you are going to be looking forward to AND after with a recap and any great information that you accumulated. Blog posts give you the opportunity to give the people who can make it a reason to come and give the people that can’t make it the feeling that they aren’t being left out.

2) Product/Service Launches:

While traditional channels of advertising and marketing should still be used to tell the world about your newest releases, a blog post that lets your community know about the finer details or steps in your launch can create engagement and excitement leading up to the big day. If you’ve got something that people want (and we know you do) they will be happy to read about the details and behind the scenes goings on right from the horse’s mouth.

3) Your People:

Not every brand does this and it isn’t for every culture. But, there is an opportunity to write about the people on your team, what they are doing and what they bring to the table for you. This helps to make your brand look more personable to the public, rather than a faceless brand. It  also showcases your team and makes you look better to business partners who are in search of someone who can fulfill a need. Showing the world what your people can do will prove to be a very valuable marketing tool for your office.

4) Your Industry:

If you want to known as a leader in your industry it is important to tell people why and show that you deserve that distinction. Share with them the insights that you have gained in your years of experience. Offer your ideas about what may be coming in the future. Or you can blog about what is happening right now, what is trending, what you’re seeing and whether or not you agree with it or think that it’s a fad that will fade away quickly.

5) Current & Popular Topics:

Sometimes it’s a great idea to write a post that does nothing more than show that your brand is in touch with the world. Keep in mind your target audience, you don’t want to be blogging about something that they don’t care about at all, but if you can draw a line between a popular topic and your audience without veering too far off track, go for it! Example: A parenting blog could certainly get away with writing a great post about William and Kate’s little baby George, but I would not recommend the same post for a truck company.

Ultimately the choice is yours. If you don’t see the value in a blog and do not feel that you will be committed to creating posts on a consistent basis, I would not recommend starting now. However, if you can see how a consistently updated page full of great thoughts, industry insight and a little brand bragging can help to position yourself ahead of the competition, get started today!

And if you have any questions about blogging, how a blog can work for your brand, or if you need help getting posts written and posted, let us know. We can help!


Joshua Murray

Fuelled by ideas, opportunity and coffee, Joshua attacks the social media landscape every day with a purpose. His experience in retail, customer service and public relations have combined to give him a 360 degree view of social media for brands and he is committed to helping all of his clients leverage their voice in the social sphere.

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